Public Notice for Justice Court Precinct 5 Place 2, Honorable Jeff Williams:

In-Person and Remote Proceedings:

All hearings are to be held in-person unless a written motion is filed with the court at least 4 weekdays before the hearing, stating good cause why you, and/or your witnesses, need to appear remotely. Remote hearings are held via Zoom video conferencing (click here for video conference instructions). When appearing in person, you must not have any Covid symptoms and submit to a temperature check at the door.

Motions may be filed via electronic filing, the US post, email to or in person at the courthouse. If your motion to appear remotely is approved by the Judge, then you will be provided with instructions on how to appear via Zoom.

If you are appearing remotely, make sure that any documents you wish to show the Judge have been filed with the court at least 4 weekdays before the hearing.

When making an appearance at the courthouse, please note that there are currently in effect several changes in the practices and procedures employed by the several Harris County Justice Courts. These procedures may change at any time, so please review the current requirements and changes here as all are enforced and apply to the practice in Justice Court Precinct 5 Place 2.

The Court is accepting payments in person and through our web site:

Criminal and civil case filings and pleadings may be filed in person or via eFiling:

Monitor the status of your criminal or civil case:

In the event of an emergency, contact the Court by telephone or email:

Thank you for following the best practices during this crisis; the health and safety of our community and our staff are the highest priority.

Judge Jeff Williams

JP 5-2 Notices:

  • Effective November 1, 2021 JP 5-2 Civil Department will no longer be accepting new filings after 4 p.m. Everything else will be accepted.
  • For you convenience, a drop-box slot is located just outside the suite 4 doorway to deposit paperwork for the Court (not the tax office).
  • Any Motion for a new trial date in an eviction case will be Granted provided:
    • It is filed with the court not less than 3 days before trial,
    • The tenant/defendant has not been timely served, and,
    • The phone number or email of the opposing party is included in the motion.
    All motions must be served upon the respondent per the TRCP 502.1

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