Beginning October 2021, the Supreme Court of Texas (Emergency Order 43), the Office of Court Administration and the regional Administrative Judge have permitted some hearings and trials in justice courts to be conducted in-person while others may be conducted virtually by Zoom. It is important that you check-in on or before your designated time to ensure your timely participation. For virtual hearings please make sure you are familiar with using Zoom technology and e-file or email file exhibits at least 3 business days before your hearing. Your cooperation during these difficult times is greatly appreciated. For these in person hearings please wear a mask to be permitted to enter the courthouse and allow sufficient time for screening before your court time.

Click HERE to see the Forty Third Emergency Order Regarding the COVID-19 State of Disaster.

Court filings should reference a case number and may be filed through email at or by E-File at or by regular mail.

Review the following YouTube links for assistance in how to join and navigate through a Zoom meeting:

Traffic and criminal defendants can use the online payment option to perform the following:
  • Apply for a Driving Safety Course (if eligible);
  • Pay criminal citations/fines;
  • Pay Deferred Disposition costs; or
  • Make full or partial payments on judgements
Please call the court at 713-274-0600 if you have any questions.

Online Services

If you have a criminal or traffic case pending in this court and would like to communicate with the District Attorney’s Office about your case(s), please send an email to the following address:

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Traffic Department Fax No.: 713-755-1740

Bad Check Department: 713-274-0626
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Animal Seizures: 713-274-0625

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