Judge Bob Wolfe

Judge Wolfe was elected as Justice of the Peace, for Precinct 5, Place 2, in the Nov. 08, 2022, general election in Harris County. He took the bench on January 1, 2023.

Education and Experience:
Judge Wolfe is a native Houstonian and graduated from South Texas College of Law in Houston where he received his Juris Doctor degree in 1983. He also graduated from the University of Houston, with a Bachelor of Business Administration. He practiced law in Texas from 1983 until his election in 2022.
Personal History:
Judge Wolfe is married and is the proud father of two sons, a daughter and two granddaughters. He and his wife attend a local Baptist Church. Judge Wolfe served on the Board of Trustees of the Lone Star College System from June 10, 2010, until May 13, 2016.