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Contact Justice Court 8-1

Phone: (281) 479-6900

General Fax Line: (281) 479-1407

Civil Dept. Fax: (713) 437-5801

Criminal/Juvenile Dept. Fax Line: (713) 437-5862


Staff Directory

Darby Gaffigan
Assistant Chief Clerk -- Civil Division

Heather Conrad
Criminal Clerk

Melissa Nerio
Civil Clerk

Hailey Clark
Criminal Clerk

Stacy Cooper
Criminal Clerk

Monica Espinoza
Civil Clerk

Angelita Saenz
Criminal Clerk

Kari Murphy
Criminal Clerk

Silvia Alanis
Criminal/Juvenile Clerk

Sharon Lucher
Administrative Assistant -- Juvenile Division

Aidaly Santamaria
Civil Clerk

Emma Salinas
Civil Clerk

Chief Clerk:
Sherry Taylor

Sherry Taylor became Chief Clerk of Harris County Justice Court 8-1 in January, 2009.

Judge Williamson and the clerks of Justice Court 8-1