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Contact Justice Court 7-1

Please allow time for faxes to be received and processed
before calling about your fax.

Civil, Evictions & Tow Department 713-274-1407
Civil E-Fax 713-437-4226
Eviction E-Fax 713-437-4578

Criminal, Traffic & Truancy Department 713-274-1408
Criminal/Traffic E-Fax 713-437-4229

Jurors and Weddings 713-274-1409
Jurors/Administrative E-Fax 713-437-4094

Staff Directory Department

Esmeralda Gonzalez, Administrative Civil/Eviction Supervisor
(Certified Justice of the Peace Clerk)

Luis Bahena, Civil Clerk
Karla Barraza, Civil Clerk
Everine Dirksz, Civil Clerk
(Certified Justice of the Peace Clerk)
Cynthia Mata, Civil Clerk
Linda Smith, Civil Clerk

Criminal Department

Nora Herrera, Administrative Criminal/Traffic Supervisor
(Certified Justice of the Peace Clerk) Diaz, Criminal Clerk
Kimberly Gregory, Criminal Clerk (Certified Justice of the Peace Clerk)
Ashley Law, Criminal Clerk
Joanne Medrano, Criminal Clerk
Ebony Miles, Criminal Clerk
Lisa Peterson, Criminal Clerk

Chief Clerk:
Sheritta Johnson

Sheritta Johnson became Chief Clerk of Harris County Justice Court, Precinct 7, Place 1 in June, 2008. She is a Certified Justice of the Peace Clerk and has served in the Justice Court System since July, 1999.