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Phone: (713) 274-6100

General Fax Line: 713-437-4346

Criminal Fax Line: 713-437-4344

Civil Fax Line: 713-437-4342

Staff Directory

Collectively, JP 2-2 clerks have 173 years of Justice Court experience, numerous degrees, certifications, and college hours. Eight JP 2-2 clerks are Certified, Justice of the Peace Court Clerks. Two Clerks are State Licensed Court Interpreters - Spanish/English, and five clerks are bi-lingual. We are proud to serve the public Monday through Friday and always answer our phones during operating hours.

Carol Moe
Assistant Chief Clerk
Certified, Justice of the Peace Clerk

Myron Washington
Administrative Assistant
Certified, Justice of the Peace Clerk

Mike Kubin
Supervisor -- Civil Supervisor

Deputy Constable Cardoza

Deputy Constable Battestin

Chief Clerk:

Sheryl Roppolo (713) 274-6105